jaguar ipace concept electric car

Jaguar I-Pace Concept Electric SUV

Electric Cars or EV’s in Ireland have been around now for the since at least 2011. While the fully charged range of most first generation electric vehicles to date may be too limited to suit the estimated needs of many drivers. Demand for ev’s is growing steadily as the range and reliability boundaries are pushed further with each evolution or the concept.
The environmental benefits of a full electric vehicle are clear at this stage and with zero emissions from such a vehicle they are a perfect town and city car going into the future while the range boundaries are extended steadily every year now.
Most manufacturers now have some form of electric vehicle in development and plan to offer a full ev as an option to their range of internal combustion engined (ICE’d) cars in the short to medium term.
For now Hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids are a good compromise for those wishing to drive a lower emission vehicle where longer journeys are a regular occurrence alleviating the range anxiety many perceive as a deal breaker with a pure electric car.

If you are considering the purchase of electric car or hybrid vehicle Trinity Motor Group can source one for you in any price range just give our sales department a call with your requirements.